Two of the latest Plymouth fishing vessels - sister ships PH660 'Charlotte Clare' and the newly launched (7th Jan 2016) PH770 'Rachel Anne'.   Both 14.95m vessels were built at the Seahawk yard at Mountbatten on the River Plym as Ring Netters with the Interfish fleet based at Plymouth - Sutton Harbour

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1. The Fishing Boats and Ports of Cornwall -

An Alternative Way to Explore Cornwall   2nd Edition

by Stewart Lenton with contributions by Liz Lenton

                                Revised & Updated 2013  

ISBN 978-0955-402371 











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First Edition paperback sold out but still available on CD as PDF

               ISBN 978-0955-402364

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2. The Fishing Boats and Ports of Devon

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                                       ISBN978-0-9554023-1-9                Plus £2 P&P

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The two above books together contain an unique collection of photography of registered fishing boats of all sizes in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly forming a superb resource for the professional connected with the commercial fishing industry in the South West of England, and also a useful reference for those wishing to explore the coast in a different way.

The introductions contain some interesting snippets of information about some of the traditions in local fishing communities, together with some information on fishing methods and the development of the fishing industry in Devon & Cornwall.  This is followed by pictures of some fishing boats illustrating how the same boat can remarkably change its appearance followed by a consideration of each port in turn, clockwise round the coast, with notable facts and photography on each port and dated photographs and lists of the registered fishing boats found there.

Also in similar style to the above but with a longer introductory chapter about exploring the coast

3. The Fishing Boats and Ports of Wales - A Way to Explore

Originally  £17.99 plus £2.00 p&p Now Reduced to £10.00 plus £2 P&P

With a Foreword by Dr David Jenkins, Senior Curator, The National Maritime Museum,Swansea


                     Front Cover                                                                                    Back Cover

ISBN 978-0955-402340

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What is the Meaning of the Letters and Numbers on

Fishing Boats

by Stewart Lenton


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This is a popular 16 page booklet about the history of the registration of fishing boats up to the present day and a list of all the fishing Registration Ports in the Uk with maps of their location. Packed with information and very good value for money.

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