The two books have been designed not only to be a serious reference catalogue of the boats in each port for the professional,  but to widen their appeal to the lay person  a short narrative and photographs on each port and an introductory section  have been added. The introduction contains snippets of information discovered,  and experiences enjoyed by the author and his wife as they traveled around to obtain the photography.  A section on the fishing industry past and present of the region, the fishing methods employed, and the system of boat registration are also included.  The books should have appeal to tourists and others encouraging them perhaps to explore the coastline with a new purpose, port by port, observing which registered fishing boats can be seen at each visit.  There is a place to record sightings inside the back cover.

The book contain a comprehensive alphabetical and an alphanumerical Index of the boats for ease of reference when attempting to find a photograph of a particular boat.  The boats are listed and their photographs displayed alphanumerically in the section about the Port from which they were usually operating when the photograph was taken.  There is also a section with photography of some of the fishing vessels which visit the South West. The ’Visitors’ section does not pretend to be fully comprehensive as a record of all visiting vessels, as this is more difficult to establish.   It is simply a record of what  has been seen by the photographer.

The introduction has been written by Liz Lenton - the photographer’s wife to emphasise that exploring in thy way suggested by the book can appeal to all members of the family and is not just for  the fishing boat enthusiast!  Liz was also responsible for some of the illustrations and research and contributed to the Port sections - but none of the photography!

Each book is presented as an attractive 9”x6” concealed spiral bound volume in full colour depicting typical fishing boat and port photography of the region on the cover.  The set or an individual volume would make a superb present for anyone:

After a section in which photographers' wife added her perspective to illustrated how the book might be used perhaps as family activity to explore the coast, and some snippets of information they came across, there follows a general introduction about the fishing industry in Devon & Cornwall, and the various fishing methods, and an explanation of registration numbers.

The books then follow the clockwise order of fishing ports around the coast according to a location number for them indicated on an outline map of the region on the cover flap. Each Port section consist of photography and a brief narrative of interesting information about the port.  Photographs of the fishing boats based at that port then follow after an alphanumerical list of the boats normally based there.

The concealed spiral binding makes it easy to keep the books open at a particular page without damaging it - important for both the tourist and the professional seeking to identify a particular boat.  The book has both an alphanumerical, and an alphabetical index for ease of reference, also useful for the professional; and inside the back cover more useful to the tourist there is a place to record personal sightings of the boats.

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