Hello I'm Piskey Cat.  

I 'm the TT Cat (that is the Terrestrially Tasked Cat) for Cornwall.

I do a lot of thinking while I am washing.

Often I am wondering about whether I will get a visit from my cousin Mr McFish ( 'Mac' as I call him) or my niece Pysgod Pwss.  

 Mac is the TT Cat for Scotland and Pysgod is the TT Cat for Wales.   When we get together we tell each other - and whoever reads our book of course- about our adventures with the humans to whom we have been assigned or befriended over the years.  

 We can travel through time to different places in history and we also live a very great deal longer than you humans do.    I was probably around when your great, great, great grandfather was alive - a very long time ago.   Of course, you would be unlikely to realise that we are living longer than your average pet cat as we change our appearance from time to time.  

I spent a longer time than usual with two nice old men.    The first man was Hue the huer.

Hue the Huer as an old man click for more about Hue