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Review by Primary School Teachers

I loved 'TT cats' and I think that the intended readership will do too.

I think it will appeal to the more able reader in the 9/10 age group and to all abilities from 11-13 years.

It is brilliant how so much history and information has been incorporated into each story. I learned a lot!

The moral aspects are also incorporated which are so sadly lacking in much modern children's literature.

Angie S


"As I read this book I could just imagine a teacher or mother of young children reading the stories to little ones.   It is very interesting and packed with information."

Sue W (former primary school teacher and mother).

More Reveiws

"It is not just for children  - I found it very interesting"  Mrs Denise P

" It could be made into several books!"  Mrs Debbie S

" certainly good value for money " John D