TT Cats and their Fishing Families by Liz Lenton RRP £5.99Now reduced to £1.50 plus P&P

ISBN 978-0-0554023-2-6

You will never look at your cat in the same way again!

In these adventures of some cats with special powers to help the humans with whom they live, you can effortlessly learn some very interesting things about fishing communities as they were years ago, and how men, women and children made a living from catching fish.   Even some traditional stories will hold a new appeal as the previously unknown part played by these cats is revealed - like the exploits of the smuggling Carter brothers of Cornwall, and old Tom Bawcock who went fishing in a small boat during a savage storm to save his village from going hungry at Christmas. The book is suitable for children from 9 to 90 years who are curious about traditions and customs of the past in different places and enjoy a good tale about a cat.  Even smaller children will enjoy having the collection of stories read to them - but if granny reads it make sure she has her spectacles on as the print is a little small to get in more adventures for your money!  There are illustrations on every page.