Channel View Publishing Plymouth

How it came about

A unique collection of colour photography was started as a fishing boat identification aid by Stewart Lenton when he was a volunteer watch keeper at Rame Head NCI (National Coast Watch Institution) station in SE Cornwall.  All boats are logged as they pass National Coast Watch Stations, but the name and number of fishing boats are often obscured by nets etc. hence around the end of 2002 Stewart started making his photographic identification aid. 

The photographs were admired and requested by other NCI stations, and Stewart soon found himself supplying his photography not only to them, but also to Harbour Masters, Coastguards, Lifeboat crews, boat owners, and the like. Thus he has attempted to photograph every registered fishing vessel of any size  or type in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly making this collection of photographs unique in its comprehensiveness, and a useful reference for anyone with a need to know about fishing boats in the South West peninsular.

Many who saw the collection, including commercial fishermen, expressed a wish not only to acquire particular photographs but to see or own the whole in book form.  The cost of printing two books between them containing a total of around 1,250 colour photographs of boats alone, presented a major problem.  Channel View Plymouth Publishing was born of a need to keep the retail cost to affordable proportions and launched in Autumn 2006 with two volumes of books -

The Fishing Ports and Boats of Cornwall   (Updated & revised second Edition published Mid July 2013)

& The Fishing Ports & Boats of Devon). 

Following these two books, a request was made from several bookshops in fishing ports for a booklet about fishing boat registration. A short booklet with a long title was produced in September 2008 to answer the question -

What is the Meaning of the Letters and Numbers on Fishing Boats?

In 2009 Liz Lenton produced a book about time travelling cats who lived with historic fishing (sometimes smuggling) families to convey the stories of fisher folk at different times and different parts of the British Isles. Some traditional tales are retold through the eyes of these cats with special powers to help humans in-

'TT Cats and their Fishing Families'

In November 2010 the third in the fishing boats and ports series became available

The Fishing Ports and Boats of Wales 

PLYMOUTH MINSTER, The History of St Andrew's

In 2011 they helped Jack Spence with the publishing of a book he had been researching about the history of St Andrew's Church Plymouth which in 2009 as part of the 1100th anniversary of the Diocese of Exeter became one of Britain's newest Minsters.   St Andrew's church has a long and important history - a church has existed on its site since Saxon times, and many national figures have been associated with it.   Ita was launched in March 2011 to coincide with a the 70th anniversary of the Plymouth Blitz of 1941 during which the church suffered serious damage.

All profits from the sale of this book are being donated to the charities supported by the Minster chruch of  St Andrew Plymouth


The Fishing Boats and Ports of Cornwall - 2nd Edition by Stewart Lenton with contributions by Liz Lenton.

Revised & Updated to May 2013