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ISBN 978-0-9554023-2-6

T. T. Cats and their Fishing Families by Liz Lenton

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Piskey Cat, Mr McFish, and Pysgod Pwss have secrets that they must keep from the humans with whom they live, although some of them suspect the cats of having special powers when they find that they have incredible good fortune just when they most need it.

Their main secret is that they can travel through history to different times and places, wherever they have been tasked by the ‘Mighty One’ to look after Humans. They need a ready supply of fish so they usually live in fishing families and we learn about fishing communities over the years, as they befriend some interesting characters. Amongst others we meet -

Donald, a Plymouth orphan and trainee fisherman on a Scottish boat in the 20th century.

Hugh ‘The Huer’ from Cornwall in the late 19th century.

Welsh Blodwyn, a Penclawdd Cockle picker and Tenby Fishwife in 19/20th Centuries.

Will, a Brixham Trawler fisherman who marries Blodwyn and gets shipwrecked.

Grace, a little girl from Plymouth during the Civil War in the 17th century.

Ma Molly, a widowed fishwife in, Pittenweem Fife, suspected of witchcraft in the 16th Century.

Bruce. a Scottish fisher lad whose bravery wins him an education in the early 19th century.

Morag, growing up in the Fife fishing village of Ansthruther, in the late 19th century and who goes to Great Yarmouth to work the Herring season, where she meets a fishing lad from Newhaven Edinburgh, defying prejudice to marry him in a ‘Penny Wedding.’

The Carter Brothers from Cornwall who are smugglers with principles.

Elderly widower, Tom, who by his bravery manages to save a whole Cornish fishing village from going hungry at Christmas.

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